We have made a catalog of student project pages to show off the work of our students, enjoy!

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching GIS is to watch a person who did not know the difference between GPS and UTM grow into a skilled GIS operator. More than once I have watched one of these students do something and said "Wait, how did you do that?" GIS is a vast and rapidly-changing field. I know it is a an over-used cliché, but I really DO learn teaching these classes. But I also see the power of GIS. People become interesting in this technology like nothing else I have seen. I hope you enjoy the projects below.

I should mention to view many of these works as easily as possible you will need two things: 1) good bandwidth 2) the SVG viewer. The latter is a new protocol developed by Adobe, the people who brought you the '.pdf' Adobe Acrobat viewer. The viewer is a small plug-in for your browser, but you must download the version appropriate for your language and operating system. Please go to the Adobe site and download the appropriate version. I think you will see this format used on the web more and more anyway - so enjoy!